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The Leyte Gulf is affected by both  the SE and NE monsoons.  As a result there is no pronounced wet and dry seasons.  The NE monsoons nevertheless has a greater effect, bringing slightly more rainfall during the months of November, December and January.  Compared with other regions of the country, Leyte has an even and moderate temperature with an average annual maximum of 30C, minimum of 24C and an average of 27.3C.
Source : Philippine Ports Authority.]

When I asked one wise old "Lolo" in Cabuynan when is the wet season, his answer was "when it is raining". There is also said to be no bad weather, only "bed" weather!

The coolest time of the year is from November to March when the average maximum is in the high twenties (Celsius). The hottest time of the year is April to August when the average maximum is in the low thirties. Year round, average humidity is about 77%. It is a great climate if you don't mind the humidity!

Typhoon Climatology  

Typhoons have a great influence on the climate and weather conditions of the Philippines. A great portion of the rainfall, humidity and cloudiness are due to the influence of typhoons. They generally originate in the region of the Marianas and Caroline Islands of the Pacific Ocean directly east of the Southern Philippines. Their movements follow a northwesterly direction, sparing the East Coast of Leyte from being directly hit by majorty of the typhoons that cross the country.

Source: http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/

Typhoon "Lupit" approaches the Philippines, November 2003.


Tides do not follow the regular diurnal/semi-diurnal pattern.  They show irregularities which cannot be explained satisfactorily at present so that tide predictions are not considered suitable.

[Source : Philippine Ports Authority.]

Tacloban Tide Charts

Early morning rain, Bislig Beach, Tanauan

Sunrise over Leyte Gulf

North end of Blue Beach, San Jose, Dulag

Shower on Leyte Gulf

High Tide, Early Morning, Blue Beach, San Rafael, Dulag